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During the House Floor debate on Friday with only 4 days left in the regular session, Rep. Adam Brown stood up to join House Republicans in calling for a commitment towards a budget solution and compromise. 
The General Assembly has a few days left to get a budget passed, and needs to continue to work towards a bipartisan compromise to our State's budget impasse. Rank and file members have been in working groups aimed at bridging the gap and coming up with both reforms and budgetary compromises. Speaker Madigan dismissed these inclusive groups, saying they haven't made progress. He's wrong. They're making progress, they're working in good faith, and regardless of Speaker Madigan's efforts to keep the legislature divided, rank and file members need to continue their work.
House Republicans talk to the press corps to explain the rules that were broken by House Democrats who cut short debate on a 500 page, $40 billion spending plan that was dropped an hour before it was called.  The bill spends $7 billion over the state's projected revenues. The process in Springfield is broken.  We need to #reformIL

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Adam Brown (R-Champaign) approved of a stopgap measure that will get many vital social services, from autism research to community services, appropriated to their due recipients. Senate Bill 2038 sends almost $700 million worth of social services.

Rep. Brown stated, “I was pleased to vote for this measure because it removes absolutely necessary social services from the rough processes occurring in Springfield. While I was disappointed that critical funding for human services facilities and prisons were omitted from the bill, I hope that this important measure can open the legislature to bipartisan negotiated reforms going forward.”

Senate Bill 2038 awaits further consideration from the Senate.
SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Adam Brown (R-Champaign) oversaw some intense legislative action in Springfield on Thursday and Friday, and is excited that negotiations were made to get Higher Education institutions some of their due funding, including the University of Illinois, MAP grants, and community colleges. Funding to the University of Illinois and MAP grants were added after Rep. Brown voiced strong support of those initiatives as they passed through committee.

Rep. Brown stated, “A negotiated amendment to Senate Bill 2059 will send crucial funding to the University of Illinois and community colleges. It also pays some of the MAP grants due to our young students.  The funding source is the Educational Assistance Fund, which is immediately ready for appropriation. While measures like these are long overdue, this one provides a breath of fresh air for the educational institutions that are vital to our communities and our state.”


SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Adam Brown (R-Champaign) is pleased to announce the appropriation of key construction funds to local schools in his District.

Rep. Brown stated, “House Bill 4232 secures funds from the School Construction Fund and the Capital Development Fund for ongoing school constructions and improvements in my District. Educating our future must be our state’s top priority. And with these funds released to Meridian we work towards that priority here. I will track the legislation in the Senate to ensure these key funds are sent as quickly as possible.”

House Bill 4232 awaits consideration from the Senate.

Notices of vehicle emission tests due soon on nearly a half a million Illinois vehicles are finally being mailed out, despite a state budget stalemate, state officials said Wednesday.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency had stopped mailing the reminders in December because of the state budget crunch. It resumed doing so Wednesday after the testing contractor, Applus Technologies, agreed to eat the cost of the mailings, state EPA officials said.

"The reminders started to go out Wednesday for vehicles due for emission tests in March, April and May," Illinois EPA spokeswoman Kim Biggs said. "That covers as many as 498,000 vehicles," she said.

With likely delays, the Secretary of State’s office has agreed not to require drivers seeking renewals of their license plate stickers to have emission testing until June 1. Normally, drivers cannot obtain a license plate sticker renewal unless their vehicle has passed emissions testing. Read more in the SunTimes.