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SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Adam Brown (R-Champaign) oversaw some intense legislative action in Springfield on Thursday and Friday, and is excited that negotiations were made to get Higher Education institutions some of their due funding, including the University of Illinois, MAP grants, and community colleges. Funding to the University of Illinois and MAP grants were added after Rep. Brown voiced strong support of those initiatives as they passed through committee.

Rep. Brown stated, “A negotiated amendment to Senate Bill 2059 will send crucial funding to the University of Illinois and community colleges. It also pays some of the MAP grants due to our young students.  The funding source is the Educational Assistance Fund, which is immediately ready for appropriation. While measures like these are long overdue, this one provides a breath of fresh air for the educational institutions that are vital to our communities and our state.”


SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Adam Brown (R-Champaign) is pleased to announce the appropriation of key construction funds to local schools in his District.

Rep. Brown stated, “House Bill 4232 secures funds from the School Construction Fund and the Capital Development Fund for ongoing school constructions and improvements in my District. Educating our future must be our state’s top priority. And with these funds released to Meridian we work towards that priority here. I will track the legislation in the Senate to ensure these key funds are sent as quickly as possible.”

House Bill 4232 awaits consideration from the Senate.

Notices of vehicle emission tests due soon on nearly a half a million Illinois vehicles are finally being mailed out, despite a state budget stalemate, state officials said Wednesday.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency had stopped mailing the reminders in December because of the state budget crunch. It resumed doing so Wednesday after the testing contractor, Applus Technologies, agreed to eat the cost of the mailings, state EPA officials said.

"The reminders started to go out Wednesday for vehicles due for emission tests in March, April and May," Illinois EPA spokeswoman Kim Biggs said. "That covers as many as 498,000 vehicles," she said.

With likely delays, the Secretary of State’s office has agreed not to require drivers seeking renewals of their license plate stickers to have emission testing until June 1. Normally, drivers cannot obtain a license plate sticker renewal unless their vehicle has passed emissions testing. Read more in the SunTimes.

CHICAGO - As her office begins issuing state income tax refunds, Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger urged taxpayers to register online to check the status of their refunds and sign up for text message and email payment notifications.

The easy-to-use Tax Refund Alert System allows taxpayers to visit and enter their name and Social Security Number to see if the Comptroller's Office has processed their refund. Taxpayers also can enter an email address and phone number to receive a notification when the payment has been made.

In addition, Munger announced her office will include inserts with all tax refunds detailing where the State of Illinois spent $35.6 billion in 2015, information on the state's bill backlog, and other tools to help taxpayers learn about state and local finances. Those who receive their tax refunds through Direct Deposit may view the tax insert digitally if they register for the Tax Refund Alert System.

"Taxpayers deserve to know when they will receive their tax refunds. By visiting and registering for our tax refund alert system, they can track the status of their refund while monitoring where the state government spends their tax dollars," Munger said. "The Comptroller's Office will continue to focus on making government more efficient, transparent, and accessible while offering taxpayer-friendly tools to help our citizens follow the money."
SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Adam Brown (R-Champaign) released a statement following today’s faulty spending votes:

“Today the majority party forced a funding effort by Speaker Madigan that was not announced until the night before it was presented, and called it ‘compromising’ legislation. These bills had to be opposed because they appropriated $2.7 billion dollars while disingenuously claiming they’d be funded by not repaying $454 million borrowed from State funds last year. This improperly funded measure is another lie to taxpayers, universities, and the people of Illinois. This poor budgeting technique, together with the denied Republican motion to ask that session continue tomorrow, shows this was a political ploy more than a real effort toward a solution.”

Majority Democrats have scheduled session to reconvene on April 4th.
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SPRINGFIELD – With the federal government expressing interest in closing the prison facility in Guantanamo Bay and relocating some of its 91 detainees to American soil, State Representative Adam Brown (R-Champaign) has denounced this agenda. He has called for a Resolution condemning any potential plans to bring enemy combatants to American lands, especially Illinois’ Thomson Correctional Center, which was purchased by the Federal Bureau of Prisons in 2012 under the initial promise to never house Guantanamo Bay detainees there.

Rep. Brown stated, “These detainees are enemy combatants and should be held in proper facilities away from America’s land and its citizens. The Thomson Correctional Center should not be shoddily reopened to contain America’s worst public enemies. I have made it a point during my time in office to keep the integrity of Illinois’ land and property, and I surely will not stop with this latest effort to bring convicted terrorists to our homeland.”

Rep. Brown’s House Resolution further urges the federal government to remember U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s pledge that the Thomson Correctional Center would not be used to detain prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, and in the weightiest terms, urges President Obama and his administration to reconsider the decision to close the facilities in Cuba, on the grounds that such location is by far the safest and best suited location for the indefinite detention of enemy combatants.

The House Resolution is being filed at this time.